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Izmir Kofte Kebab

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Tikka Chicken Shwarma


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It is said that three major kinds of cuisine exist in the world; Turkish, Chinese, and French.

Fully justifying its reputation, Turkish Cuisine is always a pleasant surprise for the visitor. In addition to being the refined product of centuries of experience, Turkish Cuisine has a very pure quality.

The variety and simplicity of the recipes and the quality of the ingredients are guarantees of delicious meals. Slices of marinated meat on a tall vertical spit and grilled as it slowly turns are delicious.

The cooked parts of the cone of meat are cut in very thin slices by a huge sword-like knife, and arranged on a plate with Ace or flat pide (pitta) bread.

This dish is the most formidable obstacle to the victory of the hamburger in the fast food market. Doner kebab in rolls with slices of pickle and chips is the most common stand-up lunch for city office workers.

Almost every district of Turkey has its own kebab speciality!

The traditional Turkish method of cooking Doner Kebab i.e. on a rotating vertical skewer in front of a barbeque was developed from primitive means. Originally, the Kebab was rotated horizontally over open coals or fires. The meat consisted of boneless pieces of meat.

This was eventually developed into minced meat with selected spices added.